Progressive Jackpot

The Ultimate Guide to Online Casino Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpots – they are the ultimate casino machines that regularly issue life-changing amounts of money to players lucky enough to win. When we say that life changes, we do not just mean a few hundred thousand or even a million. This is because some progressive jackpots can be higher than € 10 million, as you will see later on this page.

For online casino players, progressive jackpot machines are some of the most popular, and this is easy on the prizes. The majority of progressive jackpot casino games are online slots, but there are progressive jackpots found on other types of games, including video poker and Caribbean draw poker. So, if you want to find out everything you need to know about progressive jackpots, read on!

What are progressive jackpots?

This may be the most important section on this entire page as it will explain what progressive jackpots are and how they can become so big. So progressive jackpots are not set, as is the case with most games. Instead, they increase as each player spins the reels and accumulates over time. It is usually the case that about 7% of each bet is taken for the progressive jackpot. Games with a single progressive jackpot simply add money to this one jackpot, while games with multiple progressive jackpots distribute the money in accordance with the terms and conditions.


But why are progressive jackpots going so high? Well, it’s because they are often incredibly hard to win. This means that sometimes it can take months to win a progressive jackpot, which means that many players contributed to the jackpot during that period. If a progressive jackpot is won, it will be restarted and each progressive jackpot will have its own minimum amount.


It should be noted that you have the same chance of winning the progressive jackpot each time you roll the reels, no matter how big the jackpot is. So, whether the jackpot has just been won, or if it has reached more than € 10 million, they always have the same chance of winning it. Of course it makes sense to play the game with the biggest current progressive jackpot! You will be able to find out about some of the progressive jackpot games currently offered at the best online casinos below.

How To Participate In Progressive Jackpot Games

The first thing to do if you want to play a progressive jackpot game is simple: you need to find a great online casino to play them at. The easiest way to do this is to read through the various reviews here on this site, all of which are really detailed, telling you everything you need to know about the online casino Bonuses in question. There are loads of good online casinos currently, so you’ll have a nice selection to choose from.

Then, after signing up and depositing, you need to head to the progressive jackpot section. Some sites might not have this section, so you’ll instead have to search for the progressive jackpot games instead. It’s then simply a case of picking the progressive jackpot game that looks best to you – which is usually the one with the biggest jackpot – and starting to play!

You might be concerned at this point about what happens when you win a progressive jackpot. After all, some online casinos have maximum withdrawal amounts, so won’t it take months, or even years, to withdraw your massive win? Fortunately, this is not the case, as the progressive jackpots are paid by the game producer (also referred to as the software provider), such as Microgaming or NetEnt, and not the actual online casino. So, if you win, you won’t need to worry about the withdrawal restrictions at your chosen casino.